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Caged Bird

Year: 2021

Piece No. 04 of this design.

Total Size: 7.5 x 16.4 x 0.7 cm.

Weight: 45.4 grams.

Solid woods of 1 and 2 mm thickness, made of ramin and mansonia (African walnut).

Side finishes with chalk paint, as well as all the laser engraving on the mansonia surface.

Since my early childhood in Germany, I've been accompanied by a book that, now I know, greatly influenced my mental frameworks: Max and Moritz. There are seven stories, each more mischievous and cruel, in the style of the German classic Struwwelpeter. They had a profound impact on me. Every time I reread its illustrations (I didn't understand the text), I was terrified, yet I couldn't abandon it: I was captivated.

This little prank by Osito (The Little Bear) is nothing compared to it, but it carries its spirit, much like the other story I have illustrated on the cover of this website (Osito and the Magic Trick).

Of course, nowadays, teaching these things to children is considered an educational sin... a sign of the times.

"The cat better get ready!" because he'll be blamed for the disappearance of the bird.
A little mischief by Osito (The Little Bear), taking advantage while Old Cricket went out to work.
I love the sound it makes.

This is a small-sized artwork crafted from the finest solid woods. Woods cut with laser light and carefully glued together. The engravings on the ramin wood surfaces have been left with the natural laser finish, but those on the walnut have been filled with white chalk paint, highlighting the drawing that emulates the night.

There are four pieces like this made in the year 2021.

This piece is only sold on demand. For any inquiries or doubts, please contact the author.

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