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I am fish I am bird I am worm

The sheets

Start year: 2016.

Eighteen digital paintings, an animated short film and the publication of an illustrated story are the result of this fantastic immersion in the Middle Ages.

An exhaustive documentation work to faithfully reproduce the graphics and atmosphere of the pillars of European culture. 

Each digital painting has a limited print edition of 5 reproductions, signed and numbered. Giclée print on 308g Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper. (250x443mm. plus a white margin of 30mm.)

They are for sale at ABARTIUM Gallery-Studio

And the publication of the illustrated story was carried out by the editorial Diabolo Editions, where you can buy copies.

The animation

The full animated version of "I am a fish, I am a bird, I am a worm" seeks the poetic part of the project. The visual power of the medieval imaginary colludes with the force of music to dream a picture that is freed from the script of the story and thus fly through the visual fantasy of the project.


To achieve this, I was lucky enough to have the musical rights to several pieces by the great Japanese composer and musician Shoji Yamashiro, author of the soundtrack for AKIRA (Katsuhiro Otomo).

Medieval Fantasy

In 2023 I was fortunate to have the extraordinary composer Raphael Wildemann to put on B.S.O. to four looped fragments taken from this work. The result, with the permission of the great Shoji Yamashiro, was unsurpassable. Four exquisite compositions, full of nuances and aromas that evoke much more than imagined in my animations. Pure goldsmithing and exceptional luxury in these times. We call them Medieval Fantasy. Listen to it with headphones.

The book

portada soy pez soy pajaro soy lombriz.jpg
I am fish I am bird I am worm
illustrated tale
I am a fish, I am a bird, I am a worm is an illustrated tale that narrates the fantastic adventures of the young and ambitious King Leopold, who will renounceYes same in order to obtain power. In the end, his ambition will be rewarded, though not for long and at a heavy price.


Inspired by the story of Alexander the Great, the tale emphasizes the value of courage and perseverance even in the most adverse situations.

This book has an edition of 1000 copies sold by Diábolo Ediciones.

Language: Spanish

Soy pez soy pájaro soy lombriz 03- Tomas Bases.jpg
Soy pez soy pájaro soy lombriz 02- Tomas Bases.jpg
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