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The Mom Box
Year: 2011. Format: HD Video.
Animation design and production: Tomàs Bases.

We propose to gather a small group of children seated around an adult moderator. This presents a simple premise: the MOM Box, an old wooden box, has selected this group of children. The box has magical properties, which are capable of transforming into reality all those thoughts, desires and dreams that are verbalized in said meeting.


What would you like to see in this box? There can be anything, even if it is impossible. Everything you can imagine will be inside this box.


From that moment on, the role of the moderator is to encourage the children to let themselves be carried away by their imagination, letting them suggest whatever comes to mind.


The MOM Box, once it is ready, will give a signal by which we will know for sure that it is ready to be opened. At that moment, in the audiovisual, a magical and musical world will materialize in the form of cartoons that will correspond to the ideas that the children have previously offered. Cartoons without spoken text, using music as a communication code and a vehicle for transmitting emotions and messages.


It is, therefore, a project open to the improvisation of ideas, images and fantasies. A space in which, far from building closed arguments, we approach the world of surrealism to the extent that what is important is the fantasy with which to weave together that torrent of proposals that always arise in the child mind.


Based on a proposal by Adolfo Langa, he is in charge of the children moderation and the musical production, Charly Calderón of the video filming and Tomàs Bases of the production of the animation.

The recording session takes place on 07/15/2011 at the CEIP José Ramón, in Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville).

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