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On monday  (V04)

medium size version

Year: 2021

Piece nº 04 of this design.

Size of each piece: 23 x 11.5 x 2 cm.

Weight: 720.1 grams.

4 pieces.

2 mm solid wood. mansonia (African walnut) and cherry.

5mm plywood. for the base of each figure, lined on both sides with mansonia veneer and side finishes with chalk paint.

This is the fourth  piece made in 2021 with this design (the first two were discarded for various reasons). Its size is larger than the previous ones.

This is a small work, delicate in its details and complex in its three-dimensionality, made with the best solid woods. Wood cut with laser light and glued with great care.

This design is always built with different woods, being sold as a unique piece identifiable through its grain, recognizable in the archival photographic references that the author makes of each piece and shows on this website. An unambiguous form of identification.

This piece is only sold upon request. Given the complexity of its execution, it may take a minimum of four weeks to finish and deliver.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the author.

on monday video 01
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This piece is shipped in a cardboard box, protected inside with extra-firm foam (density 40 kg per cubic meter) and outside with plastic protection.

I recommend not exposing this piece to direct sunlight, or high temperatures or places with high humidity: solid wood is a living and delicate material that must be protected. If necessary, any dust that may accumulate can be removed with a soft brush. The piece was only polished with natural wax: it does not contain varnishes or dyes.

The piece has a built-in hanger on the back (it does not appear in the photograph), in case you want to hang it on a wall.

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