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Opening doors
Year: 2014.
Format: Video HD.
Direction and production: Tomàs Bases.
15 minute short film about the experiences of a person with mental illness.

Distribution:Mailuki Films

Abriendo Puertas portrays in the form of a collage various moments and aspects of the life of Juana, a woman diagnosed with schizophrenia who tries to recover and resume her normal life once her illness has stabilized.

The return to the world of work, the importance of family and friends, therapeutic spaces, medication, the stigma that some media sometimes generate, loneliness and fear make up a set of images that bring us closer to the world of People with some kind of mental illness.


Abriendo Puertas was born with the pedagogical desire to show the many difficulties that accompany a mental illness such as schizophrenia. Making use of a sense of humor and without ignoring the immense existing drama, the short film makes use of an aesthetic proposal full of animations, seeking to bring the viewer the experience of dissociation between oneself and the perceived reality.

Cartel cortometraje salud mental Abriendo Puertas.

Awards and festivals

Festival de Cortos y Salud Mental, Sevilla 2014 Mejor Corto de Ficción Queens World Film Festival N.Y. 2015 Honorable Mention Narrative Short Sand Dune International Short Film Festival, India 2014 Special Jury Award Festimatge 2016 Festival de la Imagen de Calella (Barcelona) X Festival el Ojo Cojo 2014 (Madrid y Barcelona) Queens World Film Festival 2015:  (New York)   nomination: -Best Film Award - Best Director Award: Tomas Bases - Best Actress Award: Mercedes Reyes   Glendale International Film Festival 2015 California (USA)   Reedy Reels Film Festival en Greenville 2015, Carolina del Sur (USA) 1st Rising International Short Film Festival, Pune (India)   ALCINE Festival Internacional de Cine de Alcalá de Henares 2015 III Certamen de Cortometrajes día de la discapacidad La Orotava (Islas Canarias)   Shortcutz Xpress Viseu 2015 (Portugal)   XIII edición Ponferrada Film Festival (Castilla León)     VII Festival Cortos Rodinia 2015 (Valladolid)     XV Festival Cortometrajes Radio City de Valencia 2015   VII Festival de Cine de Villa del Triunfo 2015 (Perú) Other Venice Film Festival 2014 (California) Cinéphile Film Festival Nueva Delhi 2014 (India) West Nordic International Film Festival Ålesund 2014 (Norway) Festival de Cine y Vino "Ciudad de La Solana" (Ciudad Real) Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Arte y Enfermedades (Valencia)

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